Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i was travelling in a bus.... it was a school picnic... i was in class five... everyone was having 'fun'....and suddenly i felt like peeing...badly...i controlled for some time, but it was getting more and more uncontrollable...then it happened...i let it off...in front of everyone...everyone saw me and started laughing...it was so bad....i felt like shitting in my pants...badly...and then my eyes opened....and my hand found out that the peeing in pant part was not just a nightmare...it was reality....and my feeling of shitting in my pants was not just my figment of imagination but bitter truth which needed to be acted on immediately.

'have you had a dream neo, which was more real than reality itself' - morpheus in the matrix..

hell yeah...i have had countless such dreams!

and i guess no one will throw tomatoes (not that neone can) on me when i say that most of us have had such dreams!

so then comes the point..what is better? dream world or 'reality'. is it better to believe in illusions and be happy or to be in real world and sad. is it better to have sex with an imaginary kate beckinsale (which will of course seem as real)...or to have sex with a disgusting whore in reality. and just in case you were waiting for the answer...it was a rhetorical question!

so why do people keep saying 'come back to reality'?? why should anyone come back to reality when the dream world is good and pleasurable. why is deluding oneself considered wrong or stupid or both!

french philosopher Jean Paul Sartre once said

'Like all dreamers I confuse disenchantment with truth.'

I am a dreamer....and i prefer enchantment to truth!

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Anonymous said...

my philosophy matches yours. -the darthpsykoz