Friday, September 15, 2006

How Mobile Phones have screwed my life!

mobile phones are omni-potent, present, porous, vorous and what not! most irritating creatures on earth...they are now found everywhere...from your best friend's hand to a hot girl's purse to a beggars bowl!

i had spend one year in singapore(a country obsessed with mobile phones) without having a handphone! everywhere i'd go..they would ask me...whats your handphone number...and hearing that i dont have one...they would give me a stare that would make even sachin tendulkar embarrased of his shots!

i finally decided to get one phone...and the next year was even more horrible than the first one. we had seperate halls in our somebody would keep messaging to open the door... please do this...and that. if that was not enough people would keep sending messages..and expect you to reply which obviously costed me! college teacher would call me whenever i would bunk! all the cca - clubs would inform me of the meeting 2 hours before the meeting..and i would be expected to join. all this is still bearable...but what i couldnt bear was the ringing of phone when i used to sleep. now...since i used to put alarm..i cudnt put it in silent mode...and invariably..someone would call and screw my dreams up!

so after that disastrous 1 year...i decided not to have a phone...even if it was damn cheap. but the phones didnt stop irritating whenever me and my friends would sit down to play of them will get a call...the moment his call would get over another will get call, and then another...and i will be left staring at the cards.

i am yet to decide which is greater of the two evil...having or not having a mobile phone...but 1 thing's for sure...both are great evil which hopefully mankind abolishes...maybe due to some other stupid reason like health hazards!


Preyas said...

"now...since i used to put alarm..i cudnt put it in silent mode...and invariably..someone would call and screw my dreams up!"

You don't *need* to use your cell as your alarm. The proof of this is that you don't own a cell now, and so obviously don't need that feature.

In any case, all decent phones have an option that will enable alarm sounds but disable all others.

achal said...

@preyas - i dont need now!...but that doesnt change the fact that i needed it then.

also..if i do have an alarm even now i shall use it...

and my indecent phone didnt have that feature!

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