Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Singapore is considering legalising anal and oral sex between heterosexuals with consent!!! now what is there to consider in that?? in wthe world where some nations are considering legalising homosexuality, singapore appears to be a really backward and conservative society.

but it is not! well, it pretends to be or it wants to be but it is anything but that. in the bedroom everyone has oral and anal sex, so whats the big fuss about legalising it. whats wrong with it anyway? infact i cant get the rationale of banning homosexuality, forget oral sex and anal sex!

2 adults with their mutual consent get pleasure in doing something what the fuck is the govts. problem. its not that oral sex or anal sex or homo sex will kill neone!

and that too a country like spore...supposed to be modern and developed! even india doesnt have such laws and trust me... india is much much more conservative. the only countries i can think of haveing worse laws are probably muslim countries. but the fact that singapore is trying to compete with them is astounding!

singaporeans! its time you revolted!!! its time when everyone had oral sex and anal sex in front of the govt house....its time gays had sex in public. lets see how many does the govt kill or jail!!

long live the revolution!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Farhan Akhtar - THE DON

Critics have rubbished the new don...left and right...but guess who has the last laugh? in the movie its shahrukh khan - The Don. In reality it is farhan akhtar - The Don. Confused?? lemme explain.

I guess we all remember Dil Chahta Hai? The awesome debut of farhan akhtar. Now, can you believe that he is the same guy who directed don? of course not!

so here is what the great mind must have thought before the movie. lets shoot a movie which will get me as much money as that i can make an awesome movie next time.. what to do to get as much money as possible?? get shahrukh khan in lead!! of course. then to ensure people see it...let me remake a famous old movie...don...perfect. now let me reduce the making cost...let me have all shooting in malaysia...malaysian govt will give lot of money...and neway shahrukh is damn famous in the combo of malaysia and shahrukh will be awesome. the movie will sell in india and malaysia as well.

now if all this doesnt generate him enuff money...nothing will...and i guess he has already got a lot of money..even though the movie was crap. wait for his next movie it will be a level above nething u have seen in indian cinema. till then marvel at the brilliant mind of farhan akhtar.

but of course..

understanding farhan akhtar is not only difficult but it is.....

muhahahahaha (mortal kombat style)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

IIT Shaastra - the spirit of engineering - a case study in dumbness

you thought iit students are the smartest people on this planet? you thought iit's are the richest indian colleges? wait till you read this...your thoughts will be shattered, your eyes will be illuminated after staying in darkness and you might become blind. the truth shall be revealed right here right now right way.

last week, iit madras organised a tech fest, called shaastra, a huge event which even had coverage from news papers and participation from colleges all over india. so we went for a physics quiz there. the first dumb statement which the organisers make is "there should be 2 per team, but maximum you can have is 3!"

then after the prelims they announce the results. they want to have 8 teams in the final. to be on the safer side they decide to have waiting list, just in case any team doesnt turn up. guess how many waiting list teams do they have. 1? very very bad guess. 4? closer still far far away donkey! 8? bingo...8 teams in waiting list to fill up 8 places! now maybe i am underestimating iitians...maybe they are too smart...they wanted audience for the finals and hence they put so many in waiting list so that atleast they come!

now what do they do with the audience? they have to entertain them right? so they have audience round in between the quiz. first question...i get it correct...happily i run for my prize and see the guy coming toward me but i dont see any prize in his hand. then when he reaches me, out of his closed fist come 2 popping coffee bites!!!! i am stunned!too stunned to think what to do! i just say "what else should i expect from iit" and walk off. its only later i realise what i should have done. i should have asked a question to the audience myself. "which is the cheapest college on earth? and given the correct answerer 3 chockolates(i already had 1 alpenlibe in my pocket) and say..see even i gave more than the iit" and then should have showed a middle finger to the organisers and walked off from the place, but such good ideas take time to come! neways i was too eager to eat coffee bite to think of such great ideas!

not long ago...iit had held a maths competition called forays. guess what they gave the winners in that competition.a showcase item with all wierd heart shaped things on it. the best prize in that competition was an engineering book. tell me, why do mathematicians need an engineering book?!!

if you are still not convinced that iitians are dumb and iit is a poor deserve to join iit!

but iit gave me something good atleast, they gave me a topic to write about in my blog!

Friday, October 06, 2006

The House of Flying Daggers - the review

normally i dont write movie reviews...but this one's irritated me so much that i have to write one...just to release my frustration.

i dont see many chinese movies, but for some wierd reason i saw this one, although there was nothing special about this movie which would have made me choose this movie...the trailer had some brilliant shots, but all chinese movies have that. neways why i saw it is a question of consciousness studies and i shall not discuss that coz thats outside the scope of our discussion.

the movie starts and the first thing which irritates me is the dubbing. it is so bad (unnatural) that the acting starts seeming bad.

now, i should clarify here, you might be thinking that i dont like unrealistic action shown in chinese movies and hence this movie bothered me so much, no! i went to this movie with a very open mind, willing to accept extra action, as long as it doesnt hinder the script, but this movie script itself has so many unrealistic holes and corny stuff that me and my friend (who slept out most of the movie and later complained that this movie didnt even allow him to sleep properly because of the loud sounds every 2 minutes) looked at each other and started laughing.

let me narrate a scene for you as a proof,

so there is this lady who has been hit by a flying dagger in her heart, by her ex-lover whom she just betrayed. she falls down and then conveniently talks to her exlover before (what seemed like) dying. then her present lover, who had run away comes back (forests keep changing in the background so i presume he comes back from a pretty far off place) and sees that she is lying dead. so he starts fighting with the ex lover, and seasons come and change the time, it starts snowing and the whole place is full of snow....but these 2 guys keep on fighting and fighting. then after eternity, the ex lover realises that he is the member of the house of flying daggers, and that he could have easily shot the lover with the dagger. thats when he takes out his dagger and before he is about to shoot...guess what happens...yes...the dead lady comes alive (she wasnt dead for so long, she was just lying (pun intended)) and threatens if the ex lover hits the lover with the dagger, she will pull out the dagger from her left boob (it has to be that because it cushioned the dagger from hitting the heart) to save the lover and as a result, she will die. so the ex lover is conveniently presented with a dilemma in a very photographic situation.

if this doesnt sound corny to you...and doesnt seem unnatural...u'll love chinese movies...and u shud go watch this'll love it...because apart from being corny and unnatural...everything else is great about this movie..

of course indian bollywood movies are also usually such crap.... remember salaam namaste...a pregnant girl (8 months) doing break dance at midnight? so i guess indian movies and chinese movies are 2 sides of the same coins. needless to say thre might be good chinese movies, i was hoping this was one of them it wasnt...maybe next time id' be lucky!

for was just 10 rs. down the drain... when you've got've got nothing to loose!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

dreamy eyed

yesterday i had one sweet dream
about me having chocklate and ice cream
and flying over new york city
and wooing a girl by being witty

and then suddenly i heard a bell ring
and i also heard a hen sing
and then the sweet dream came to an end
and i was standing on yet another bend

the whole day went without a fuss
i caught the 8 o clock bus
and back i am at my home
nowhere to flow nowhere to roam

tonight i shall sleep and dream again
ill go on a ship ill go on a plane
but this time i shall not be woken
this poem is my last token

Monday, September 18, 2006

On the beauty of beauty.

beauty is the most beautiful word i have ever heard, not just because it has such a close connection with booty. but for other reasons as well.

remember jim carrey in the truman show...b-e-a-utiful. my version goes like this be-a-u-tee-fool. of course when u tell a girl that she is beautiful, everyone knows what you really mean (bootyfull)

also beauty rhymes perfectly with duty

beauty also uses 3 vowels continuously...eau...which adds to its beauty.

beauty ends with a y.... so if someone says you are a beauty...he is very subtly making fun of you.

if you reverse the get ytuaeb.... so beautiful.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Robert Frost vis-a-vis Shreekumar Varma

Robert frost hated taking lectures at college...and when he took would be very informal and at his home. he hated giving exams even more.

once he gave an exam with just 1 question in it. what did you learn from my course. please give a brief answer.

his favourite response was, "not a damm bit"

when asked how much did he give to the student...he replied...90 out of 100. when asked... why not 100...he replied...because he got the spelling of damn wrong!

there was another author named shreekumar varma.

once he too gave an exam with lots of questions in it, which essentially meant...what have you learnt from my course. of course he did not want his students to be brief (otherwise he wouldnt have given so many questions).

a student's response was..."not a damn bit". of course it was not so shreekumar varma wanted an elaborate answer.

he gave the student a CD..which was 1 more than the worst grade he could give. when asked why did he give the student such bad marks...he replied... because he spelled damn correctly!

guess whom will the history remember?

Friday, September 15, 2006

How Mobile Phones have screwed my life!

mobile phones are omni-potent, present, porous, vorous and what not! most irritating creatures on earth...they are now found everywhere...from your best friend's hand to a hot girl's purse to a beggars bowl!

i had spend one year in singapore(a country obsessed with mobile phones) without having a handphone! everywhere i'd go..they would ask me...whats your handphone number...and hearing that i dont have one...they would give me a stare that would make even sachin tendulkar embarrased of his shots!

i finally decided to get one phone...and the next year was even more horrible than the first one. we had seperate halls in our somebody would keep messaging to open the door... please do this...and that. if that was not enough people would keep sending messages..and expect you to reply which obviously costed me! college teacher would call me whenever i would bunk! all the cca - clubs would inform me of the meeting 2 hours before the meeting..and i would be expected to join. all this is still bearable...but what i couldnt bear was the ringing of phone when i used to sleep. now...since i used to put alarm..i cudnt put it in silent mode...and invariably..someone would call and screw my dreams up!

so after that disastrous 1 year...i decided not to have a phone...even if it was damn cheap. but the phones didnt stop irritating whenever me and my friends would sit down to play of them will get a call...the moment his call would get over another will get call, and then another...and i will be left staring at the cards.

i am yet to decide which is greater of the two evil...having or not having a mobile phone...but 1 thing's for sure...both are great evil which hopefully mankind abolishes...maybe due to some other stupid reason like health hazards!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i was travelling in a bus.... it was a school picnic... i was in class five... everyone was having 'fun'....and suddenly i felt like peeing...badly...i controlled for some time, but it was getting more and more uncontrollable...then it happened...i let it front of everyone...everyone saw me and started was so bad....i felt like shitting in my pants...badly...and then my eyes opened....and my hand found out that the peeing in pant part was not just a was reality....and my feeling of shitting in my pants was not just my figment of imagination but bitter truth which needed to be acted on immediately.

'have you had a dream neo, which was more real than reality itself' - morpheus in the matrix..

hell yeah...i have had countless such dreams!

and i guess no one will throw tomatoes (not that neone can) on me when i say that most of us have had such dreams!

so then comes the point..what is better? dream world or 'reality'. is it better to believe in illusions and be happy or to be in real world and sad. is it better to have sex with an imaginary kate beckinsale (which will of course seem as real)...or to have sex with a disgusting whore in reality. and just in case you were waiting for the was a rhetorical question!

so why do people keep saying 'come back to reality'?? why should anyone come back to reality when the dream world is good and pleasurable. why is deluding oneself considered wrong or stupid or both!

french philosopher Jean Paul Sartre once said

'Like all dreamers I confuse disenchantment with truth.'

I am a dreamer....and i prefer enchantment to truth!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

2 hours in a 10 rs ticket queue

last week, after 4 futile attempts at getting the 10 rs rang de basanti tickets, i decided to go 2 hours before the movie and stand in the queue. well...i was the first one there, and was happy that finally after 2 weeks of agonising wait, ill finally see it. for next 1 hour, thre was no problem. soon thre started flowing in people, most of them wanting to watch dishyum ( a pathetic mass movie). being the only hindi guy around they started having fun with me(or making fun...i dunno). they wud say dsgfdskjfhkjdsfhkjfhkjfdshkjhdsfa?? i would say "tamil illa" (tamil no)...they wud say fdaskgfsadfglksadjgfjksdfg i wud say "whaat??" ...they wud mock "whaaaaaaaaaaattttt" ....theyll say fsdafkjgdfksajh sutta ksdhfkjas?? ....ill ask what?......they'll say " u fuck?"...ill smile and say "no".

then against all rules, some people started entering the queue from the front totally contadicting the definition of the queue. when someone would try and enter from front...initially everyone will shout, but later that guy will somehow enter...then another guy will the guy who just illegally entered will start shouting....this continued for quite some time...and from first posn...i ended up around 10th!!!!...not to mention the limited space became so crowded that i was glad i could not smell!! thenwhen it was almost time....3 college gals (notice...i didnt say chicks) come and get 10 tickets when just on top of the counter thre is a board (1 ticket 1 person). i guess gals are not persons! and while they are taking the tickets, everyone(except me of course) in the queue is whistling...and singing songs abt the girls figure (mind you...gals look below average).

finally after 2 hours of horrible torture i get the ticket....the theatre is awesome....everything is are awesome...everyone is saying fantastic...i am ready to be blown away.
then starts the movie. i wont say it is 3 hours of torture....but its definitely not what its being made out to many parts it is so corny, i couldnt help laughing!... swades (very highly underrated movie according to me) was much much better!!well...the music is fantastic....and it saves my 10 bucks from getting wasted... also acting is good.

bottomline - u have to watch the movie because of all the hype and music...and i hope u like it...and get a cheap ticket for it!!

first drinking experience!

last saturday.... my dream had finally come true.... i was to drink... i was to experience what many people have described as a heavenly experience! although i had tasted beer and vodka earlier and hated the taste...i had decided...ill go all the way and get drunk. asked my friend to get jin for is too less concentrated to get drunk. stage set...i pour some jin and limca...didnt taste so i drink...half done...i am not even feeling dizzy!!

pour again .... mix again....drink drink drink...

not a hint of getting drunk!...wat the hell...! much do i need to drink...gin is over too...

infact i am so in senses that i actually went back to my hostel and played cards...(won some games too) ....did my homework too...

in the end 70 rs. go down the drain(literally).... all i learn time i have to drink much more....or not drink at all!..

80ml of jin and still not drunk...i still cant believe it!


5 mins...not more

according to a new law in some indonesian city...couples cannot kiss for more than 5 minutes in public. if you havent realised what it on

what does the government define as kissing for 5 it continuous lip contact for 5 minutes or...whether the lips seperated by less than a centimetre distance is also considered a kiss!?!

leaving the definitions r they going to implement it?!? the moment a couple starts kissing....a policeman runs to the point and starts a stopwatch....the moment it reaches 5 minutes and 1 second he stops them and arrests?!?

leaving the implementations apart... how will the couples adapt if this rule is implemented. they will kiss like hell for 4 minutes 59 seconds...then move their heads apart for infinitesimal time...and start kissing again.

this law is really mind boggling...its a revolutionary law which is going to change the way couples kiss in public forever in that city of indonesia!!!

the disgusting indian media

recently...there was a news story...which got 45 hours of live coverage from zee news......around 25 hours of live coverage from star news (apparently they got 'inspired' by zee news)...and rest i dont know....

you must be thinking this is surely mumbai blasts...or something else as important... but no!...u r wrong...its the PRINCE story. a small boy who fell in a borewell...and who was rescued after 50 hours. if you are what??...what is my point??...please stop reading...coz i wont make much sense from now on too!!

wat kind of freaking media gives 45 hours of live coverage to such an incident... thre was no other news on the channel except this one... israel is bombing lebanon...100's r what??...

in a country like singapore where deaths are rare... and they have a population crisis..such news is ok....but in a place like india...where so many people die of stupid reasons everyday...y did india suddenly become so sensitive towards PRINCE! and its not just that they covered this news so much...its the kind of stuff they were showing which really disgusted me...they got people(from some singing competition show) to sing songs...all kinds of devotional songs...and the children were more busy trying to showcase their talents than actually singing with there heart for the small kid....

so on one side they want to show they are sensitive...on the other side its glaring how insensitive they are!!

and its not just this(zee news) news and aaj tak and also india tv (how can neone forget them) have crossed all limits of disgusting journalism...with all irrelevant and useless news stories...and going overboard with them. amongst all this only 1 channel stands out for its quality...and thats ndtv 24x7. it has good shows ( big fight..we the people)...great discussions and relevant stuff! they do not show vulgar news like other channels...i want to praise them for their effort!

THE Pondy experience

5 days holiday in chennai!! way...its too much to i headed for pondy...just 4 hours bus ride (not a very comfortable one though) from chennai. you will hear a lot about how awesome that road is...but if you expect too much...youll be disappointed... as i was!

when u reach thre...never ever take an auto...or pay the auto as much as they ask!!! we found that out the hard way!!

and the first impression of the probably the worst impression..

ok...let me come down to my unique experiences of the city...the other details u can get from newhere

outside poster shows a lady...with slight cleavage...and something written in friend informs me that this is a mallu porn hormones and curiosity both get excited at the same time...and we decide to watch the night show!... the ticket is reasonably priced at 15 rs...and soon we find out the semi darkness...just before sitting i notice some stain on my doesnt take me much time to realise that it is dried we go to some other seat...and thre a same scene awaits we go through the whole theatre searching seat by seat...with people staring at us... at last we manage to find relatively sperm free seats...and we sit!...all the while thre r some horrible tamil songs playing in horrible speakers....and me and my friend joke about whats the need of good speakers here neway...just to hear orgasmic noises?

before the movie even starts we see a gay couple....rubbing each others dicks...this brings me to a sub unique experience...seeing a gay couple making out in a porn theatre.

then the movie begins...and when i first see the "heroine" ... i am shocked...i am wondering am i seeing elephant porn or human porn... let me try and estimate her vital stats...and hopefully you have a good imagination and you will get a good picture of her... 50 - 40 - 48!!!

you can imagine....i thought this is probably a filler true porn will soon disappear and some "real" porn movie will start...but no!...this was it...she was the one whom i paid 15 rs for!.... and if her sight was not enuf....she did some "hot" scenes too...which disgusted me more than her figure. and can you imagine a porn movie without a kissing scene....without ne nude scene?...if you can...u probably have seen this movie...if u cant...go and see this movie!

the name of the movie is "asai kadhalan" which literally translated means...male lover with lots of desire!...oh...and did i mention that the "hero" was also as fat...and showing off his muscles...and stripping everywhere. judging by the people who attended the show...i dont think many girls come to i missed the point, why the hero should be showcased more than the girls...probably the couple i saw were one of the many who see these movies.

there is a serious need of quality control for porn in india i guess...we are developing in every field ...and we should not lag behind in this cannot even compare indian porn with that abroad!
also the censor board should ban these movies!...or atleast they should have a statutory warning!

that day we went to a beach (well i cannot find any other word for that place)...from where we saw a real beach....which was just across a small river(again i cannot find any other word for it). it was so close i was tempted to swim across...but my friend didnt know we decided to go thre by cycles the next day. we started early morning....and using our sense of direction...tried to find a way there...we managed to find a harbour, a fish market, a burial ground, a village but not that beach. even worse we cudnt get the people we met to understand where we wanted to go....but both of us being big time loosers didnt want to loose seemed too trivial to bow down we kept cycling and persevering...and after 5 hours of cycling...a beach which was just 50 mts from our sight the earlier day was reached! and the worse thing was...after cycling so didnt even seem worth it!

that day was gone in night i wanted to get drunk (you must have read how i have tried and failed to get drunk and also the pondy alcohol is damn cheap) on the beach and sleep there and wake up to see the friend found it too risky...and i wanted to do it at any in the end i was left alone on the beach staring at a semicircular rainbow and tired. being alone...i dropped the plan of getting drunkand planned to just spend a night on the beach. till 2 am everything was fine....and then came 2 policemen and woke me up from my deep sleep. of course they didnt say...excuse me sir...would you kindly get got a tap of the policeman's lathi on my ass! and before i could realise what was happening i was bombarded with questions from the smirking faces of the policemen who thought they have found osama bin laden! after lot of questions and assuring themselves that i am just a college boy thre for fun and not osama bin laden who wants to blowup pondy on 15th august they told me to screw off from that place..and before i could properly wake up and go...they came again and started opening my bag and checking everything...and then they asked me the question...are you a muslim? is now that i understood what was happening...u see i being lazy shave very i had a beard from which they deduced i am a muslim...and from which they deduced i am a terrorist...i must say indian police's mind works faster than sherlock holmes! i had to spend the rest of the time cycling around the town which is sleepy even during the day! needless to say...i got screwed real badly.

and after lot of cycling..stopping...wondering the pointlessness of life...cursing the indian police...and thinking that i should have gone with my was 5 am. and i was rewarded for my perseverance and the pain i suffered...i witnessed a glorious sunrise at the beach. after which i boarded the bus...and the next thing i remember is i was in chennai!