Friday, December 21, 2007

Local Train addict

Yes. This is my new addiction. I never thought one could get addicted to this sensory experience, but I did. Mumbai local trains, for the uninitiated, are the pinnacle of public transport. They claim to be, and it is not a modest claim, to be the lifeline of mumbai. Needless to say, the trains are so crowded during peak hours that the metaphor (or is it a similie, i always get confused) packed like sardines seems almost a benign comparison.

Lets get back to the point. What could be possibly good about travelling in the overcrowded local trains for hours, getting crushed in it, and 'man'handled at all wrong places. A one day affair with local trains will not show you the true beauty (if the beauty) of them. The sheer joy of getting a seat in the train is only comparable to getting 10 rs. ticket for sathyam after standing in queue for 3 hours. Then, of course, standing at the door with local train breezing past the city, overtaking other trains, rushing past stations is another level. the next level is seeing stroboscopic images when a train going in opposite direction passes you while you are going parallel to another train with the same speed.

But, the ultimate level, (yes you guessed correctly, it has something to do with girls) is when your train is overtaking some other train, and you are standing on the door, and you spot a beautiful girl in the ladies compartment in the other train and then she spots you, and you make eye contact for a few seconds, before one of the train either slows down or speeds up. That feeling, has never ever been matched by anything in my life. Its better than masturbation. Better than having the best alcohol I've had.

There are some other nice things about local trains. The people who travel in them are so gentlemanly. People who get seats, get up after half the journey so that people who are standing can rest their feet for some time. there is a sort of camaraderie between the people, who travel by the same local train in the same compartment day in and day out. They discuss everything from family problems to indian cricket team's doom, eventhough they only meet in local trains.

I am in love with local trains. God Save Me.

Note : some other nice things about travelling in mumbai. in buses, one can stand at strategic locations as see cleavages.
and i figured out why there are so many mirrors in the elevator. they exist so one can look at girls boobs without getting caught, either by her, or by her boyfriend.