Saturday, August 26, 2006

2 hours in a 10 rs ticket queue

last week, after 4 futile attempts at getting the 10 rs rang de basanti tickets, i decided to go 2 hours before the movie and stand in the queue. well...i was the first one there, and was happy that finally after 2 weeks of agonising wait, ill finally see it. for next 1 hour, thre was no problem. soon thre started flowing in people, most of them wanting to watch dishyum ( a pathetic mass movie). being the only hindi guy around they started having fun with me(or making fun...i dunno). they wud say dsgfdskjfhkjdsfhkjfhkjfdshkjhdsfa?? i would say "tamil illa" (tamil no)...they wud say fdaskgfsadfglksadjgfjksdfg i wud say "whaat??" ...they wud mock "whaaaaaaaaaaattttt" ....theyll say fsdafkjgdfksajh sutta ksdhfkjas?? ....ill ask what?......they'll say " u fuck?"...ill smile and say "no".

then against all rules, some people started entering the queue from the front totally contadicting the definition of the queue. when someone would try and enter from front...initially everyone will shout, but later that guy will somehow enter...then another guy will the guy who just illegally entered will start shouting....this continued for quite some time...and from first posn...i ended up around 10th!!!!...not to mention the limited space became so crowded that i was glad i could not smell!! thenwhen it was almost time....3 college gals (notice...i didnt say chicks) come and get 10 tickets when just on top of the counter thre is a board (1 ticket 1 person). i guess gals are not persons! and while they are taking the tickets, everyone(except me of course) in the queue is whistling...and singing songs abt the girls figure (mind you...gals look below average).

finally after 2 hours of horrible torture i get the ticket....the theatre is awesome....everything is are awesome...everyone is saying fantastic...i am ready to be blown away.
then starts the movie. i wont say it is 3 hours of torture....but its definitely not what its being made out to many parts it is so corny, i couldnt help laughing!... swades (very highly underrated movie according to me) was much much better!!well...the music is fantastic....and it saves my 10 bucks from getting wasted... also acting is good.

bottomline - u have to watch the movie because of all the hype and music...and i hope u like it...and get a cheap ticket for it!!


Anshul said...

I watched it for Aamir Khan and that was definitely worth it. Otherwise, you are right. The movie is a bit corny but then so was Swades and mostly almost anything you get from bollywood. On the whole, must see at least once kind of stuff I think.

achal said... retrospect even swades seemed a bit corny at times...

Anonymous said...

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