Sunday, September 17, 2006

Robert Frost vis-a-vis Shreekumar Varma

Robert frost hated taking lectures at college...and when he took would be very informal and at his home. he hated giving exams even more.

once he gave an exam with just 1 question in it. what did you learn from my course. please give a brief answer.

his favourite response was, "not a damm bit"

when asked how much did he give to the student...he replied...90 out of 100. when asked... why not 100...he replied...because he got the spelling of damn wrong!

there was another author named shreekumar varma.

once he too gave an exam with lots of questions in it, which essentially meant...what have you learnt from my course. of course he did not want his students to be brief (otherwise he wouldnt have given so many questions).

a student's response was..."not a damn bit". of course it was not so shreekumar varma wanted an elaborate answer.

he gave the student a CD..which was 1 more than the worst grade he could give. when asked why did he give the student such bad marks...he replied... because he spelled damn correctly!

guess whom will the history remember?

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