Saturday, August 26, 2006

5 mins...not more

according to a new law in some indonesian city...couples cannot kiss for more than 5 minutes in public. if you havent realised what it on

what does the government define as kissing for 5 it continuous lip contact for 5 minutes or...whether the lips seperated by less than a centimetre distance is also considered a kiss!?!

leaving the definitions r they going to implement it?!? the moment a couple starts kissing....a policeman runs to the point and starts a stopwatch....the moment it reaches 5 minutes and 1 second he stops them and arrests?!?

leaving the implementations apart... how will the couples adapt if this rule is implemented. they will kiss like hell for 4 minutes 59 seconds...then move their heads apart for infinitesimal time...and start kissing again.

this law is really mind boggling...its a revolutionary law which is going to change the way couples kiss in public forever in that city of indonesia!!!

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