Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Night

It was a tuesday night. Just like any other night before a weekday.
It was a moonless night. Just like any other night, 14 nights before and after a moon-full night.
It was a cloudless night. Just like any other uncloudful night.
It was a starry night. Just like any other moonless, cloudless night.

Ochod, who had recently become bald, was sitting in the computer lab, with his usual plans to study. The computer lab was scarcely populated with usual souls. Everyone was well spaced out. There were no girls in the lab. On any other night, ochod would have opened youtube and search for Jennifer Connelly, Sharon Stone, Monica Belluci, Salma Hayek et al.

But tonight he chose not to. He himself was surprised at his decision. How could he get sick of watching Hot babes baring their non existent souls. How could he not want to watch sensous ladies and fantasize about them. He felt let down by his own self.

Was it because he had watched too much of it lately? then he could be excused. but he knew he hadnt seen it much. he was trying to convince himself that it is okay to not feel like watching porn once in a while, and that he has not lost interest in sex, and hence in life, and hence in the universe, and hence in everything.

and then, in the time interval that takes an actress to undress in a porn movie, an idea struck him. he got a brilliant argument to convince himself. it must be because its 12 already. so it is 14th feb. and 14th feb is all about love...and not sex! so he can be excused. Ha!


It was a Pornless night. Just like no other night.


darthpsykoz said...

didnt ya get nething to rhyme with night in the 1st para?
and if u stop prn start anime

Anshul said...

Try ascii instead...

Gayatri said...

Funny :)