Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Being Bald

Barrenness on my head is symbolic, but what does it symbolize is a question which has many answers, all in their right, correct.

On one hand it symbolizes my move towards Buddhism or rather buddhist principles, of which the one which influenced me the most was baldness. Of course, i am strictly following the Buddhist principle of abstinence, not because i want to, but that i have no choice but to follow it.

On the other hand it symbolizes my barren and boring lifestyle, barren due to lack of girls, boring due to lack of entertainment avenues. gulzar's lyrics come to my mind

'Banjar hai sab Banjar hai,

Hum Dhoondhne Jab firdaus chale
teri khosh talaash mein dekh piya
hum kitne kaale kos chale'

another 14th feb comes and will go by, and ill remain a bald (buddhist?) bachelor being bugged by bugs bunny........thats all folks!!


Jia Ling said...

oh my god!! what happened to your hair (asking the obvious)!!!!! anyway, happy valentine's day, i love you the most~ (i hope it wont start a scandal.. if so, please handle it yourself) =D

achal said...

hehe...it will only start a scandal if anyone read this blog!!!