Friday, October 06, 2006

The House of Flying Daggers - the review

normally i dont write movie reviews...but this one's irritated me so much that i have to write one...just to release my frustration.

i dont see many chinese movies, but for some wierd reason i saw this one, although there was nothing special about this movie which would have made me choose this movie...the trailer had some brilliant shots, but all chinese movies have that. neways why i saw it is a question of consciousness studies and i shall not discuss that coz thats outside the scope of our discussion.

the movie starts and the first thing which irritates me is the dubbing. it is so bad (unnatural) that the acting starts seeming bad.

now, i should clarify here, you might be thinking that i dont like unrealistic action shown in chinese movies and hence this movie bothered me so much, no! i went to this movie with a very open mind, willing to accept extra action, as long as it doesnt hinder the script, but this movie script itself has so many unrealistic holes and corny stuff that me and my friend (who slept out most of the movie and later complained that this movie didnt even allow him to sleep properly because of the loud sounds every 2 minutes) looked at each other and started laughing.

let me narrate a scene for you as a proof,

so there is this lady who has been hit by a flying dagger in her heart, by her ex-lover whom she just betrayed. she falls down and then conveniently talks to her exlover before (what seemed like) dying. then her present lover, who had run away comes back (forests keep changing in the background so i presume he comes back from a pretty far off place) and sees that she is lying dead. so he starts fighting with the ex lover, and seasons come and change the time, it starts snowing and the whole place is full of snow....but these 2 guys keep on fighting and fighting. then after eternity, the ex lover realises that he is the member of the house of flying daggers, and that he could have easily shot the lover with the dagger. thats when he takes out his dagger and before he is about to shoot...guess what happens...yes...the dead lady comes alive (she wasnt dead for so long, she was just lying (pun intended)) and threatens if the ex lover hits the lover with the dagger, she will pull out the dagger from her left boob (it has to be that because it cushioned the dagger from hitting the heart) to save the lover and as a result, she will die. so the ex lover is conveniently presented with a dilemma in a very photographic situation.

if this doesnt sound corny to you...and doesnt seem unnatural...u'll love chinese movies...and u shud go watch this'll love it...because apart from being corny and unnatural...everything else is great about this movie..

of course indian bollywood movies are also usually such crap.... remember salaam namaste...a pregnant girl (8 months) doing break dance at midnight? so i guess indian movies and chinese movies are 2 sides of the same coins. needless to say thre might be good chinese movies, i was hoping this was one of them it wasnt...maybe next time id' be lucky!

for was just 10 rs. down the drain... when you've got've got nothing to loose!!

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