Friday, January 12, 2007

night up(s)!

its been 2 months since i last wrote...and sitting in front of the comp at 3'o clock at night (or should i say morning) i am recollecting all my previous night ups...yes...i have decided not to sleep tonight.

night ups...usually start with a very good reason....but as always ...never live up to their promise! most of my night ups has been for a reason which many will laugh off. the reason is...i was very fond of the burger our hostel used to give on sunday morning breakfast. now i being a sleepy fellow never used to wake up on time for breakfast...and so...just to have the burger...just so that i dont miss it...i used to stay awake all night. what did i do the whole night...well i wouldnt be alone...ill usually have some senior for we'll watch some movie...which we must have seen 10 times (especially a movie called heartbreakers(because jeniffer love hewitt is there in that), which we had seen so many times that we actually remembered each and every dialogue). then we'll watch another movie...then listen to some nice music....then talk...and finally by 4:30 to 5 we both would be on sofa sleeping.

and we would do the same thing again the next sunday and the next!! come to think of it...i cant believe i actually did that!

nowadays most of my night ups start off with...ill study something tonight...ill finish this homework...but as soon as i get in front of an empty comp lab...i cant control myself and i start watching porn! after watching enuff porn to the extent of feeling sick after seeing it...i search for some future university websites...and end up dreaming abt getting into cambridge or harvard...and i end the night up thinking....i shudnt sleep too much and study at nights if i wanna get into these time, i will study!!! and the vicious circle continues!

yet another night up is passing by...i have done nothing useful (except write this blog of course!). now i am in the university watching stage...and will soon move on to the dreaming stage.

btw...if u want to loose your a movie called cannibal holocaust. incidentally i watched one scene of that movie today...and i am hoping i can sleep sometime in future!

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Escaflowne said...

Dude, why didn't you call me when watching porn?!!!