Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Singapore is considering legalising anal and oral sex between heterosexuals with consent!!! now what is there to consider in that?? in wthe world where some nations are considering legalising homosexuality, singapore appears to be a really backward and conservative society.

but it is not! well, it pretends to be or it wants to be but it is anything but that. in the bedroom everyone has oral and anal sex, so whats the big fuss about legalising it. whats wrong with it anyway? infact i cant get the rationale of banning homosexuality, forget oral sex and anal sex!

2 adults with their mutual consent get pleasure in doing something what the fuck is the govts. problem. its not that oral sex or anal sex or homo sex will kill neone!

and that too a country like spore...supposed to be modern and developed! even india doesnt have such laws and trust me... india is much much more conservative. the only countries i can think of haveing worse laws are probably muslim countries. but the fact that singapore is trying to compete with them is astounding!

singaporeans! its time you revolted!!! its time when everyone had oral sex and anal sex in front of the govt house....its time gays had sex in public. lets see how many does the govt kill or jail!!

long live the revolution!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Farhan Akhtar - THE DON

Critics have rubbished the new don...left and right...but guess who has the last laugh? in the movie its shahrukh khan - The Don. In reality it is farhan akhtar - The Don. Confused?? lemme explain.

I guess we all remember Dil Chahta Hai? The awesome debut of farhan akhtar. Now, can you believe that he is the same guy who directed don? of course not!

so here is what the great mind must have thought before the movie. lets shoot a movie which will get me as much money as that i can make an awesome movie next time.. what to do to get as much money as possible?? get shahrukh khan in lead!! of course. then to ensure people see it...let me remake a famous old movie...don...perfect. now let me reduce the making cost...let me have all shooting in malaysia...malaysian govt will give lot of money...and neway shahrukh is damn famous in the combo of malaysia and shahrukh will be awesome. the movie will sell in india and malaysia as well.

now if all this doesnt generate him enuff money...nothing will...and i guess he has already got a lot of money..even though the movie was crap. wait for his next movie it will be a level above nething u have seen in indian cinema. till then marvel at the brilliant mind of farhan akhtar.

but of course..

understanding farhan akhtar is not only difficult but it is.....

muhahahahaha (mortal kombat style)